The Metropolitan Collegiate Hockey Conference (MCHC) shall abide by the guidelines set forth by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA), with the exceptions dictated in the following:


1. A student-athlete shall not be eligible for participation in the MCHC if the individual received pay for participation in the sport.
2. Student-athletes who have played professionally, including Major Junior A hockey, shall not be eligible for competition in the MCHC.
3. Student-athletes shall utilize one year of MCHC eligibility for each year of competition at a junior college.
4. No MCHC player may be added to a team roster after January 31st.
5. MCHC student-athletes shall be required to sign a player eligibility form at the beginning of each season. If a player's eligibility is challenged by another team, the MCHC reserves the right to petition the registrar of the player's university to verify the eligibility of that player.


1. MCHC student-athletes shall be degree seeking according to that school's definition of degree seeking and carry a minimum credit requirement of nine (9) semester hours (or the equivalent quarter hours) for undergraduates and six (6) semester hours (or the equivalent quarter hours) for graduates.
2. Special student-athlete cases must have certification of full-time status from the Dean and/or the school registrar.
3. MCHC student-athletes must successfully complete the minimum requirement of credit hours (or equivalent quarter hours) as stated above (B1) to be eligible for participation in the following semester.
4. MCHC student-athletes shall have five (5) years of MCHC eligibility. If, however, the student athlete was on an NCAA roster at any level, at any time, the student athlete is restricted to four (4) years of MCHC play minus the time at the NCAAA level.
5. MCHC student-athletes must maintain a minimum semester grade-point average of a 1.7 at the end of each semester to be considered eligible for participation. Student athletes must maintain a cumulitive GPA of at least a 2.0 by the beginning of a student athlete's second year of eligibility.
6. Two year colleges may elect to abide by the National Junior College Athletic Association's eligibility rules.
7. Any player who submits a grade of "INCOMPLETE" or "I" which affects their eligibility will be deemed ineligible until that grade is officially changed and the player provides proof of such a change. The MCHC requires an official letter or another copy of the student transcript with the letter grade change. Until received by the MCHC the player is considered ineligible for competition.
8. PASS/FAIL OPTION - A grade of "Pass" will be counted towards the minimum credits per semester but will not count towards the student's GPA. A grade of "Fail" in a course will affect the number of credits that the player successfully completes, as well as the player's GPA.
9. CREDIT FROM OTHER INSTITUTIONS - Credits earned at an institution other than the institution that the player is now enrolled in will be used to determine eligibility status under the 2.0 GPA and credits passed requirements.
10 .CHANGE IN ELIGIBILITY STATUS - If at any point during the season a player's eligibility changes as to render that player ineligible, it is the responsibility of the member institution to keep that player out of MCHC competition until the player regains satisfactory status. THE DIRECTOR OF ELIGIBILITY MUST BE NOTIFIED IMMEDIATELY UPON ANY CHANGE IN STATUS. ANY VIOLATION WILL RESULT IN A FORFEITURE.INJURY AS IT APPLIES TO ELIGIBILITY: a) It is not necessary for the incapacitating injury or illness to be a direct result of participation) A player who is injured in the first half of a season may be eligible for an injury waiver. If the player returns in the second half of a season after the injury will be charged with a full year of eligibility regardless of the number of games played.c) The Twenty Percent calculation shall be used to determine a waiver. It is used as follows: (1) Any competition of 20% limitation that results in a fractional portion of an event shall be rounded to the next whole number (i.e. 20% of an 16 game schedule, 3.2 games, is considered four (4) games); (2) Thus, a player who plays exactly four (4) games or less will be granted a waiver.
11. INELIGIBILITY: OBLIGATION OF THE MEMBER INSTITUTION - If a player is ineligible under MCHC guidelines, it is the responsibility of the institution, or its representatives, to withhold the player from all conference competition. INELIGIBLE COMPETITION: If a player competes in any games while ineligible, the player forfeits the present year of eligibility as well as the next year. All games in which the ineligible player participated in shall be declared a forfeit.

1. MINIMUM PLAYERS NEEDED: For a game to start, each team needs a minimum of 10 players and 1 goaltender. No skater will be allowed to participate with figure skates or goaltender skates. In the event that a team does not have a sufficient number of players, that team will forfeit the game. The governing board may review the teams situation.
2. GRACE TIME FOR LATE TEAMS WITH EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES: A thirty minute grace period will be given to a team to be on the ice when they are late to a game. The team is expected to contact the rink and the opposing team, if possible, explaining the extenuating circumstance.
3. TEAM UNIFORMS: All teams players must have identical jerseys, hose, pants and helmets. Goaltenders may have a different colored helmet/mask but must have an identical jersey. A player out of uniform cannot play. There will be no exceptions.
4. OFFICIAL SCORER AND TIMEKEEPER: The home team must provide a minimum of one timekeeper and one scorekeeper. The maximum number of persons allowed in the scorer's box will be three (3) staff members from the home team and one (1) member from the visiting team.
5. HOME TEAMS RESPONSIBILITY: 1) It is the home teams responsibility to provide a scoresheet, penalty sheet, and 10 MCHC Logo pucks to the official scorer's table prior to the pre-game warm-up period. Game pucks should be frozen (iced) prior to the game. 2) At the conclusion of the game, it is the responsibility of the home team to ensure that the bottom copies of the score sheet and penalty sheet are given to the visiting team. The middle copy is retained by the home team. And, it is the home teams responsibility to send the top copies (white copies) of both teams rosters, the official scoresheet, and the penalty sheet to the Conference Office. AT NO TIME IS A REFEREE TO KEEP ANY PART OF A SCORESHEET! The scoresheets must be received by the MCHC within a week from the game date. Failure to send in scoresheets will result in fines. See the section entitled payment and fines. 3)) The home team must submit the game score to the MCHC by use of the MCHC's web page submission form within twenty-four (24) hours of the game. Failure to submit scores will result in fines. See the section entitled payment and fines.
6. GAME PLAYER ROSTER FORMS: Each team is to complete a game player roster form and provide the official scorekeeper with the form by the beginning of the warm-up period. The visiting team is required to hand in their roster prior to the home team. Each team will be provided with a copy of their opponent's roster.
7. A team reserves the right to challenge another team's roster to verify player eligibility. The team challenging the roster shall advise the officials, who will then request identification (i.e., drivers license, official college identification card) from each player on the team. The official will check each player against the submitted game roster. A report will be provided to the MCHC's board of directors for final determination.
8. FORFEITURE: In the event that a forfeit is awarded, the governing board shall review for possible further action.
9. MERCY RULE: A game must be terminated at such time as one team is ahead by ten (10) or more goals and at least 2 full periods have been played.
10. COACH EJECTED FROM A GAME: If a coach is ejected from a game, an assistant coach must take their place. If there is no assistant coach on the bench, the game will be forfeited by that team. Furthermore, the governing board will review each case for possible additional sanctions. A referees report is to be filed within five days of the game.
11. SHORTAGE OF TIME: If there is not enough time to complete the full twenty (20) minute third period, the following is to occur; (1) eliminate the ice cut, (2) the remaining ice time is to be halved and that will be the third period's length. Coaches have no options on the above.
12. GAMES ENDING IN A TIE: In the event that the score is tied at the end of regulation time, each team shall designate five (5) players, who will participate in a shoot-out. The visiting team shall begin the shoot-out by attempting to score on a breakaway. Both teams will alternate until all ten players have had an opportunity to score. If neither team scores, or if the score remains tied, after all ten players have had their attempt, the game will officially end in a tie. [Note that if after regulation time the game is tied, both teams shall be awarded one point for the time. If a team defeats another team during the "overtime shoot-out" that team shall be awarded with a bonus point in the standings.]
13. Outside Competition Rule - A Player shall not participate in any organized outside competition as a member of another National Tournament-Bound Ice Hockey Organization as recognized by any of the following: NCAA, NJCAA, ACHA, USA Hockey or any of their subordinate organization


1. NCAA RULE BOOK: It is each teams responsibility for obtaining their own copy of the 2008 NCAA Ice Hockey Rule Book and to have one present at each contest.
2. DISQUALIFICATIONS: 1) The following penalties will automatically result in a game disqualification: FIGHTING, KICKING, KNEEING, BUTT-ENDING, SPEARING, DELIBERATE ATTEMPT TO INJURE (min. 3 game suspension), and ABUSE OF AN OFFICIAL. 2) Players who receive a disqualification will be penalized as follows: (a) 1st Offense = immediate ejection from the game and a minimum of a one game suspension. (b) 2nd Offense = immediate ejection from the game and a minimum of a two game suspension. (c) 3rd Offense = immediate ejection from the game and a suspension for the remainder of the season. 3) Each team is limited to a total of three (3) disqualifications per season without a fine. Each disqualification above three (3) will result in a $25 fine per occurrence 3) A player who receives a suspension and can not complete the suspension during the current season (including playoffs), will be required to complete the suspension the following season. In the event that the player is a graduating senior, or does not return to the team the following season, the team will be charged with one disqualification the following season.
3. MISCONDUCTS/GAME MISCONDUCTS: Each team is limited to a total of four (4) misconducts/game misconducts per season. Anything over that total will result in a $25 fine per occurrence. A total of four (4) misconducts/game misconducts by any singe player will constitute a disqualification for that player.
4. CANCELING AND RESCHEDULING GAMES: (A) CANCELLATIONS: In the event that a team needs to canceled a schedule game, the team is to; (1) contact the opposing team; and (2) contact the MCHC Commissioner by phone and in writing pertaining the circumstances surrounding the situation. The home team must inform the referee assignor of the cancellation. (B) RESCHEDULING: To reschedule a game, the team requesting the change must contact the other team with a selection of dates for the opposition to choose from. This must occur within ten (10) days. If the team who requests the rescheduling does not provide dates with ten (10) days, that team will be fined $50. After thirty (30) days, the team will be fined $250 and the game will be forfeited. The MCHC Commissioner must be notified of rescheduled games both verbally and in writing.
5. MAKE-UP GAMES: Make-up games during the last two weeks of the season will be determined by ice availability, with the final decision made by the governing board.


1. APPEALS DEFINED: Appeals will be allowed on calls involving multiple suspensions and rule interpretations. No appeals will be accepted for calls or rules that are considered judgment calls.
2. APPEAL PROCEDURES: A $25 check or money order, made payable to the MCHC, must be sent along with a copy of the scoresheet and explanation for the appeal to the President. Appeals must be postmarked within seventy-two (72) hours of the incident. The appeal must be ruled upon within ten (10) days of receipt.


1. ALL LEAGUE FEES ARE DUE BY OCTOBER 25,2008. (1) Payments not received by October 26 - $50 late fee (2) Payments not received by November 15 - additional $100 late fee. (2) Payments not received by November 30 - additional $125 late fee.(3) Payments not received by December 12 - games forfeited.
2. ELIGIBILITY PAPERWORK: (1) The Roster Form must be downloaded from the MCHC's "Coach's Only" section of the website and must be completed and e-mailed back to the MCHC by 10/15/08. (2) The Roster Form and all transcripts must be received by mail by the Director of Eligibility by 10/15/08. (3) Players may be added to the a team's roster only with the permission of the Director of Eligibility. (4) Penalties are as follows: (a) roster not emailed on time = $25; (b) Transcripts not received by 11/01/08 = $25 per week late; Transcripts not received by 12/01/08 = Games Forfeited; Player added to roster without permission of the Director of Eligibility = Each game that the player played in is forfeited.
3. MISSED LEAGUE MEETINGS: (1) Missed Meetings = $150 plus a loss of voting privileges. (2) Missing two consecutive meetings = subject to review by governing board. *To regain voting privileges, a team must attend two consecutive meetings.
4. SCORESHEETS: (1) Scoresheets not received within: one week = $100 fine; two weeks = $150 fine; four weeks = $300 fine + 1 DQ. (2) Unofficial, Incomplete, and/or Illegible scoresheets will carry a $25 fine per deficiency noted.
5. SUBMITTING SCORES: Failure by the home team to submit the score of the game within 24hrs. will result in the following: (1) First offense - $50 fine; (2) Second offense - $100 fine; (3) Third offense - $150 fine.


1. The Governing Board shall determine the structure of the Playoffs.
2. The Conference Structure shall be determined by the Governing Board. Team standings and other statistics will be maintained by the MCHC.
3. Playoffs - Qualifying:
The divisional winners will all receive byes in the first round of the playoffs and will host a second round game. The final bye will be given to the team with the most total points regardless of division. The playoffs will be made up of, 5 teams from the Empire Division, 4 teams in the Garden Division, and 3 teams from the Constitution Division. After the top 4 seeds, the remaining 8 teams will be ranked 5-12 based on total points regardless of divisions. The playoff schedule will be as follows 5 vs. 12, 6 vs. 11, 7 vs. 10, and 8 vs. 9 in the first round. The winner of the 8 vs. 9 game will play the #1 seed in round two. The winner of 7 vs. 10 game will play the #2 seed. 6 vs. 11 winner will play #3, and finally 5 vs 12 winner will play #4 seed. The semi finals will be the following weekend with the highest seed playing the lowest seed remaining. Note: In the event that two or more teams have the same number of points at the end of the season, the following, in order, shall determine the higher seed: 1. The team with the most wins; 2. The team with the most head to head wins; 3. The team with higher total of goals for minus goals against; 5. Coin Toss.


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